C Mark Heckmon – NA

Teri Hayden recently served as the Real Estate Broker for the sale of a property that our family inherited in Estacada, Oregon. Our family’s situation was somewhat unique in that Teri assisted us in navigating the sale of the fifteen (15) acre property while we were over 2,000 miles away in the state of Illinois. Approximately two (2) years ago, I contacted Teri via a phone call as I had been referred to her by an acquaintance in Estacada who highly recommended her as a knowledgeable and helpful broker. This recommendation proved to be invaluable. From the first phone call, I quickly came to realize that Teri was someone that I could trust and as well as someone who would go the extra mile to help our family manage the transaction from a distance.
During our first phone conversation, she immediately offered to assess the property for pricing purposes, collect and forward comparable properties in the surrounding Estacada area and serve as an informational resource as the time neared for our family member’s passing this January. In follow-up to that first phone conversation, I flew to Oregon to begin to make some of the arrangements in anticipation of our brother’s passing. Teri was very accommodating to my limited schedule for the time spent in Oregon, but we were able to set all the necessary steps in motion to enable our family to quickly and seamlessly place the property on the market, within a few days of our brother’s passing.
Not only did Teri assist with the real estate component of the transaction, but she also provided valuable insights into additional aspects of settling an inherited estate. For example, she arranged for a timber specialist to review the property and offer an informal estimate of the value of the lumber that is on the property. In addition, she provided information on estate sales for some of the personal items that were part of the inheritance. She even found buyers for some of the items that were available for sale,
If you are looking for a real estate professional that:
• Communicates well,
• is knowledgeable of the Oregon real estate market,
• is personable, and
• is willing to go the extra mile to make the sale, I would highly recommend Teri Hayden to meet your real estate needs. We were fortunate that there was interest in our property, but due to Teri’s knowledge and expertise, the entire process from initial listing to final closing was accomplished in less than six (6) weeks. We were amazed and very thankful for her assistance